Simul8 VR and DirectX

In attempting to initialize the Simul8 VR Window Simul8 requests from Windows access to “DirectX”, this has failed. It fails if DirectX V7 (or above) is not installed has been corrupted.

DirectX comes as standard with WIndows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and above. If you have Windows NT or and early edition of Windows 98/95 you need to get DirectX (free) from the Microsoft Web site (search on “Download DirectX”).

You will also get this message if your PC is out of memory when DirectX tries to initialize (try closing some applications and pressing the VR button again, or reboot and try again).

Finally, you will also get this message if there is a fault in your display driver. This is unlikely, but if the problem persists you should check the web site of your PC manufacturer, or the display card, for updated drivers and install them. (Check Control Panel / Display / Settings for the name of the display driver manufacturer - sometime hidden inside and “Advanced” button).