Installer Command Line Options

This document is for corporate IT professionals and assumes knowledge of Command Lines, DOS prompts etc.

It is NOT REQUIRED for a normal install of any Simul8 Product.

Important: Using command line installation does not bypass Simul8’s machine specific software lock. The lock is present in all Simul8 products except “Network” editions, “Enterprise” editions and “Corporate” editions (with a Corporate Edition Agreement number).

You must use one of those editions if you want to use a deployment method that uses machine images (see separate technical fact sheet “Installing Simul8 via a Deployment Process”)

Command parameters

Install folder


Defines where the product should be installed on the destination machine. In many cases automated installs of Simul8 products cannot use the same folders as used by default in the wizard based installers. This is to prevent accidental overwrite of special installations. Therefore we recommend avoiding folders such as C:\Program Files\Simul8

Example: DIR:“ C:\Program Files\Simul8 for ME”

Required for a fully automated install.

License number

LIC:“[license number]”

Sets the license number of the product being installed. Not required (and should not be used) if your installer shows a default license number in wizard (non command line) usage. Some products are locked to specific license numbers that match your company's specific feature requests. Start the installer with no command line parameters and look at the last box on the second step in the wizard to see if you have a locked license number.

Example LIC:“1234-1234-1234” (The above is not a valid number)

Required for a fully automated install unless installer uses a locked license number.


BIT: “32” or BIT: “64”

This optional parameter tells the installer which architecture to use. BIT: ”32” will install 32-bit Simul8 and BIT: “64” will install the 64-bit version. If no parameter is used, Simul8 will default to 64-bit

Silent Switch


When applied no wizards or progress bars are displayed. This parameter must always be the first on the command line, otherwise it is ignored.

A fully automated install (ie with LIC and DIR options) but without the silent switch will display progress bars etc but will not stop for wizard questions.

Example command line for installing

C:> S8CSETUP.EXE /s DIR:“C:\Program Files\Simul8auto” LIC:“1234-1234-1234”

(Warning, the license number given in the above example is a dummy that will not work)

Example command line for uninstalling


When running this command, a prompt will ask you to confirm the deletion of the software. Once confirming, uninstalling will take place silently.


The installation wizard will be displayed unless the DIR and the LIC options are used (except that the LIC option is not required if the installer used by your organization uses a locked license number embedded in the installer – run the installer with no command line switches and inspect the last box on the second wizard display).