The following options are available from the File tab in Preferences

Fast Save

Using Fast-Save you can speed up saving / opening of some large simulations. This option tells Simul8 not to store results information in the file. When you open a simulation that has been saved with this option the time clock will always be at the starting time for the simulation run.

Include Titles In Exported Data

Normally data exported to a spreadsheet is sent in its “raw” form so that it can be directly processed by your spreadsheet. However, sometimes it is preferable to include titles on the column headings.

Check the “Include Titles in Exported Data” to include titles.

Saving Random Number Information

By default random number information is stored in Simul8 files. This turns it off. This can save some space in files but means that you cannot re-run simulations and get an identical set of randomized behavior.