Process simulation software for fast, confident decision-making

SIMUL8's intuitive simulation software for desktop and the web enables businesses to analyze processes, test changes to improve performance, and eliminate inefficiency.

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The SIMUL8 difference

We enable organizations to make confident decisions using simulation software that is intuitive, fast and affordable - without compromising on breadth and depth of features.

SIMUL8 features

Ease of use

The fastest simulation software available

Our intuitive drag and drop interface ensures you'll spend less time building simulations and more time experimenting with changes to make confident decisions.


Model processes of any scale and complexity

From strategic to operational, simple to complex, accurately simulate processes and connect to data sources from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.


Delivers more ROI than other simulation tools

With a range of software and deployment options, there’s a solution to meet your needs. Many SIMUL8 users have seen return of investment in millions of dollars.

All-in-one solution

Build and run simulations on desktop and the web

SIMUL8 is the only vendor to offer the flexibility to build, visualize and analyze simulations using the same feature set across both desktop and the web.

Empowering rapid, confident decision-making for 25 years

Used by the world's most successful organizations



Introducing SIMUL8 Online

An industry first

Build, run and experiment with simulations using the same features, drag and drop interface and fast results as SIMUL8 for desktop.

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Why use simulation to improve business processes?

Analyze and experiment with business processes in a risk-free, digital environment to enable confident, informed decision-making.

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Risk-free process improvement

Experimenting in the real world is costly. Simulation enables you to plan new processes or test changes to existing ones without cost or risk to your business.

Make the right decision first time

Simulation enables evidence-based decisions. By comparing different scenarios, you can consider all possible angles and make confident decisions first time.

Plan for uncertainty and reduce risk

With simulation you can run months or years into the future in seconds. Get answers now and plan for different scenarios before it's too late to react.

Visualize proposals and build buy-in

Simulation is visual and animated. It's more engaging than just showing results and allows you to demonstrate the thinking behind your proposal.

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