Can I run Simul8 on my Mac?

We frequently get asked if you can run Simul8 on an Apple Mac instead of a PC and the answer is yes - in fact many of our employees work on Macs every day.

Mac users can use Simul8 for the web to build, run and share simulations in a browser with the same full feature set as our desktop application. Depending on your OSX version, you can also use virtualization software, like VMware Fusion or Parallels, to run Simul8 for desktop on Mac.

Simul8 for the web is included with all subscriptions. If you have an existing Simul8 license, you can access Simul8 for the web with an Annual Maintenance subscription.

Simul8 for the web is completely download and installation-free. You'll only need an HTML5 compatible web browser and internet connection to start building simulations with the full functionality and power of Simul8. You’ll also receive access to the latest Simul8 feature updates without installation.

If you'd like help getting access to Simul8 for the web just get in touch - we're always happy to help!

Click here for full information on Simul8 system requirements