Power and Free / Fixed Pitch Conveyors

This feature is available only in SIMUL8 2016 and later.

Fixed Pitch (or Power and Free) conveyors allow for the inclusion of fixed-spaced hooks that can attach to work items at various points along the work item’s length.

Enabling the Power and Free / Fixed Pitch Mode

  • Select the conveyor
  • Navigate to the Additional Tab
  • Check the box for “Fixed Pitch”

You can also access this feature by double-clicking on any conveyor and accessing the Conveyor Properties dialog. As of SIMUL8 2016 and later, conveyors are now selectable along any portion of the conveyor object.

A slight change of the conveyor graphic will confirm that setting the conveyor mode to Fixed Pitch has been enabled; longer lines will extend at portions of the conveyors to represent the dog hooks. There are additional options to change the length of the dog hooks, as well as the work item offset which can be accessed through the conveyor’s graphics properties.

Dog Pitch

This value represents the spacing between the dog hooks on the conveyor. This will be a fixed value property for the entire conveyor object. The unit of measurement (ie, feet, meters) will depend on what has been set up in the simulation’s distance preferences.

Attachment Point

This dropdown parameter represents whereon the work item the dog hook will attach to. Below is an example of the three different types of attachment points. Only one attachment point specification may be used at any time on a conveyor.

Trailing: The dog hook attaches to the back of the work item (the point of the work item furthest away from being loaded onto the conveyor).
Middle: The dog hook attaches to the middle of the work item
Leading: The dog hook attaches to the front of the work item (the point of the work item closest the conveyor).

Keep in mind that they will also take into account other parameters of the conveyor and work items, such as the conveyor’s length and the work item’s length (the latter already being controlled by the “Size” in the Work Item Type menu, or with the System Reserved “Length” label).

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