Stat::Fit for Simul8

Stat::Fit is a Simul8 plug-in (provided as standard with Simul8 Professional perpetual licenses). Stat::Fit takes raw data and searches for a standard statistical distribution that fits the data. It tells you exactly what parameters to put into Simul8.

Below is a getting started guide but more detailed help is provided in the file SF Manual V2.pdf, you'll find this in the StatFit folder in the directory where you installed Simul8.

Please note that if you purchase Stat::Fit to be used with the Educational version, this can only be used with the version installed at the University labs.

Getting Started With Stat::Fit

Step by step, here is how to get started:

  1. Start Stat::Fit from the Advanced tab
  2. Copy your data on to the clipboard (e.g. from NotePad or Excel)
  3. In Stat::Fit click RIGHT on the Data Table window and Paste
  4. Click the AUTOFIT button on the tool bar
  5. Select UNBOUNDED in the second box
  6. Click OK (page down for step 7)

The Automatic Fitting Results Window appears to show the acceptable distributions:

Each row clicked shows additional distributions in the Comparison Graph Window:

7. Click File / Export / Export Fit and select your chosen distribution to see the parameters to enter into Simul8

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