State Charts

As Work Items move through a process, it is possible to associate them with states. A state represents the current condition of a Work Item, and can be used to define behavior based on the state a Work Item is in.

State Chart Example: The healthcare industry

In the above State Chart, we are looking at patients (Work Items) in a hospital. All patients in this simulation have been diagnosed with Influenza as their initial state. From this state, there is a possibility that a patient may enter one of the other states at a time that can be defined by the user.

For example, in the transition from Influenza to Healthy, you can specify that a patient moves to the Healthy state based on an elapse time in the state (one to two weeks). Additionally, there may be a percent chance per day that a patient with influenza contracts pneumonia (and moves into that state). These transitionary rules will depend on your process, but Simul8 has a myriad of ways to set up these rules so that they best fit your process.