Probability Profile

A Probability Profile is a type of Distribution that sets the probability (the percentage chance) of a value being sampled from a distribution. Probability Profiles can be configured to generate any shape of Distribution desired .

To create a Probability Profile Distribution go to the Data and Rules tab> Create Distribution> Probability Profile.
Simul8 Prob profile create dist

Type the percentage chance that a value can be sampled from the Distribution you created by clicking on the Percentage field on the bottom of the dialog, as shown below.

Simul8 Prob profile set percent

In the example shown in this picture, the value of 1 has 20% chance of being sampled.

The blue bar whose percentage chance has been changed, will automatically be resized. You can also click and drag any blue bar up or down to quickly change the probability of each sample value.

Based on the Labels Tutorial, the Probability Profile Tutorial is a step by step example of using Probability Profiles for setting Label values.

More settings of Probability Profiles

You can insert or delete columns using the Insert/Delete buttons to the right of the dialog that holds the different bars as shown below.

Simul8 Probability Profile Insert Delete

You can also insert/delete columns by right-clicking in the main window of the dialog.

Simul8 Probability Profiles right click

When right-clicking, you can also perform the following actions:

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