Probability Profile

Probability Profiles can be configured entirely under your control to generate any shape of distribution desired.

To create a Probability Profile use the NEW button in the distribution panel of any of the dialogs that select distributions or select DISTRIBUTIONS from the Data & Rules tab and click New. Then click Probability Profile.
Drag the blue bars up or down to change the probability (percentage chance) of each sample value occurring. (Or type in the required percentage, click on a blue bar first so that its percentage and value appear in the boxes.)

Click the RIGHT mouse button on the chart background for additional features

The example simulation PPDIST illustrates the use of this type of distribution to set label values and then route the Work Items on the label values.


The figures above each bar are the percentage chance of that particular value being sampled from the distribution. (These figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in this picture).

The percent box shows accurately the percentage chance for the bar you have just clicked on.

You can change a percentage by clicking on the appropriate bar, then clicking in the percentage box and typing a new value. (Or by dragging the bar).


This is the value that will be sampled if its particular “percentage chance” occurs.

Change these values by first clicking on the appropriate blue bar, then click on the value box and type in a new value.

The value in the value box will also appear under one of the blue bars.

Click Right

Click RIGHT on the Probability Profile window in Simul8 to be able to:

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