Simul8 Online Troubleshooting

Our Simul8 Online version offers a great user experience. If you still observe any unexpected behavior please check here for resolutions or contact our support team.

Simul8 Online Is Unresponsive

When you cannot access your Simul8 Online account due to the webpage not responding or your browser coming back with a message, first check that your internet connection works as expected. For example, make sure that you can open other pages as expected.

If your internet connection is working, try to open Simul8 Online through a different internet browser. While there are no restrictions regarding Simul8 Online’s functionality on commonly used browsers, because browsers are regularly updated it is possible that these cause temporary issues inhibiting your access to Simul8 Online.

If you still cannot log in, get in touch. Please mention any messages that are shown or provide screenshots of these as this reduces the time to getting you back to be up and simulating.

Simul8 Online Closing Unexpectedly

When a simulation exhibits some unexpected behavior in Simul8 Online, it will close and open the last saved version of that simulation in a new tab. If this keeps happening, please get in touch and we will be in touch advising on how to resolve this.

Simul8 Online Missing Feature

Simul8 Online is the same software that as your desktop version. There are no functional differences and you can use Simul8 Online and its features the same way you are using the desktop version.

However as Simul8 Online always has the most up to date features available, if your desktop version is not the latest version it is possible that online will have features your desktop version does not. Simul8 Online is automatically always on the latest Simul8 build number. Your desktop version’s build number can be found in File > Help.

Some external integrations such as Stat::Fit aren't currently available with Simul8 Online. We are working with the providers of these tools to make an online version of these available.

Simul8 Online Not Loading

If you find that Simul8 Online is not loading or that your browser connection is being lost/reset, it may be that your firewall is not allowing access for all of Simul8's components. Depending on your IT department procedures and your firewall, you may need to request access to Port 3000 to allow for all of Simul8 Online's features to work.

If you have requested access to Port 3000 and Simul8 Online is still not loading, please get in touch and we will be in touch advising on how to resolve this.