Adding Results to the KPI Summary

Any property values of any Object can be added to the KPI Summary.

Add Objects Results

To add a Result value of an Object to the KPI Summary, go to the Object’s Results dialog that displays SIMUL8 Object Results, under the Properties tab, and right-click on the Result value you want to be displayed in the KPI Summary. This will be added to the KPI Summary immediately and the value on the KPI Summary will be automatically updated from the dialog box whenever a simulation run (or trial) ends. The mouse arrow contains a letter “R” when you hover over a Result value that can be added to the KPI Summary. The Result value will also become bold when it is added to the KPI Summary.

Add Objects Properties

To add Objects’ Properties, go to the Results Manager and click on the KPIs tab. Add KPIs through the plus sign, shown below. Click on “Select Any Properties” and check all the Properties you want to add.

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