Adding Results to the KPI Summary

Any property values on any object can be added to the KPI Summary. To add a new entry in the KPI Summary go to the individual results dialog that displays the information you want (for example a Queue's results dialog) and click (with the right mouse button) on the piece of information you want to be displayed in the KPI Summary. This will be added to the KPI Summary immediately and the value on the KPI Summary will be automatically updated from the dialog box whenever a simulation run (or trial) ends.

The mouse arrow contains a letter “R” when it is on top of a piece of information that can be added to the results window.

You can access the individual results dialogs by clicking on the objects on the simulation window, and then on the RESULTS buttons, or, if you have the KPI Summary on the screen, click the DETAIL button to see a list of all objects that results are available for.

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