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Effortlessly test multiple process changes to improve call flow, customer satisfaction, staff utilization and profitability.

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Simul8 is a powerful visual framework for capturing, analyzing and improving every process in your call center


Quickly examine feedback loops

Simul8 enables you to quickly examine the impact of returning hang-ups and other feedback loops to properly understand the demand on your call center.


Accurately predict future performance

Use live or historic data such as call volumes, patterns, and agent schedules to drive your simulation and accurately predict future performance in real-time.


Risk-free, real-life variability testing

Simul8 mimics and tests real-life variability in parameters such as call volumes, call types, handling time, abandonment levels, staffing levels, and transfer rules.

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"The solution they have built for us is worthy of their strong market reputation and their results have offered significant benefit to NHS 24."
Graham Dixon
Director of IT, NHS 24

NHS 24 use Simul8 to test the benefits of proposals in advance and avoid costly design errors.

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Call center simulation resources


Using Simulation to Optimize Call Centers

Learn how simulation can be used for improving staffing and forecasting in a call center environment and see a SIMUL8 demo model in action.


Is Your Contact Center Capable?

Discover more about how simulation is used to design efficient multi-channel contact centers that meet common performance metrics.

Crimestoppers optimize their contact center using Simul8

Simul8 has been helping not-for-profit crime reporting organization, Crimestoppers, to manage ever increasing call volumes, while at the same time, improving its ability to look after the well-being of contact center staff.

To find out more about our pro-bono work with Crimestoppers read our blog.

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