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Simul8 Home Tab

Simul8 RunRun
Starts a single run of your simulation. When your simulation is running this will change to a pause button so you can stop it any time.

Simul8 ResetReset
Resets the simulation back to time zero.

Simul8 StepStep
Step the simulation forward one event at a time. The shortcut Ctrl F8 can also be used to do this.

Simul8 Result Collection PeriodResults Collection Period
How long your simulation is set to run for and collect results.
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Simul8 SpeedSpeed
Move the speed bar up or down to speed up or slow down how quickly the animation in your simulation is displayed. The further to the right the speed bar is set, the faster the simulation will run. When the speed bar is set as far right as it will go then all animation will be stopped and the simulation will run as fast as possible to the end of the Results Collection Period.

Simul8 TrialRun Trial
Runs your simulation multiple times changing the random numbers each time.
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Simul8 Result ManagerResults Manager
A collection of useful reports with information about how your simulation has performed.
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Simul8 ChartsChart Selected Objects
Chart the work flowing through the selected objects.
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Simul8 Custom ReportCustom Reports
Create your own formatted reports just as you want them.
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Simul8 ExportExport
Export your results from Simul8 for further analysis directly into many applications and different file formats.
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Simul8 Experiment BuilderExperiment Builder
Run different scenarios with the same simulation one after the other to find the best outcome.
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Simul8 SaveSave
Save current simulation as the baseline for the Experiment Builder

Simul8 ShareShare
Opens Simul8 Share so that you can upload, publish, and share your simulation online.
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Simul8 Income StatementIncome Statement
Opens the income statement report for your simulation.
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Simul8 Cost By Work TypeCost by Work Type
Opens report showing how much each type of work has cost to process in your simulation.
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Simul8 Duplication WizardDuplication Wizard
Quickly copy a group of objects and give an offset of where to place them.
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Simul8 CutCut
This button will remove the currently selected object(s) from the screen and place them on the clipboard. Items on the clipboard can then be pasted into another window.

Simul8 CopyCopy
This button will make a duplicate of the currently selected object(s) from the screen and place them on the clipboard. Items on the clipboard can then be pasted into another window. The selected objects will remain on the screen.

Simul8 PastePaste
Click this after copying your objects to place new copies onto the simulation window.

Simul8 FindFind and Replace
This will help you find objects in your simulation and also replace text in their names with new text.

Jump Start
The Jump Start menu, is an easy way to search all of the features in the Simul8 menu. Just start typing what you're looking for and a drop down list appears. Click the feature you want to launch it.