Combo Boxes

A Combo box lets a user choose from a number of alternatives.

Combo Boxes are the drop down list boxes that are commonly used in applications. They let a user easily make choices between a number of alternatives and are space efficient when placed upon Simul8 dialogs.

Create a Simul8 Custom Dialog. Insert a Combo box by selecting the Drop Down option button.You will be required to associate a Global Data Item with the Drop Down item. This Global Data item must be a Text item.

When viewed the option box will be displayed.

When an option is selected the text from the item is passed in the Text Global Data Item. This means that if Option 1 is selected that the Global Data Item Var1 will have the string of text “Option 1” assigned to it. This can then be used in Visual Logic to execute different actions depending on the option selected by the user.

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