Simulation objects - Resources

Resources are items in the simulation that are required at Work Centers in order for the Work Center to work on a Work Item.

Work centers cannot start work until both a Work Item is available and the specified Resources are also available.

Examples of Resources are:

  • Labor
  • Special Fitments for machines

Resources are shared between all the Work Centers that require them. They are also know as “shared” or “floating” Resources because they move between the Work Centers that require them. The number of a particular type of Resource that is available is set using the Resource dialog box.

Resources can be available for only part of the time a simulation is running if you make use of shift patterns to describe their availability. Resources can be pooled so that (for example) Fitters can fit and Operators can operate but either Operators or Fitters can polish. Set shift availability and pooling details in the Resource dialog box. At some Work Centers you can ask for a minimum number of Resources and then state that additional Resources will speed up the work.

Additional Resources may be required during a machine repair. Using the Detail option in Work Center Efficiency, and then selecting the Time to Repair option allows an extra Resource to be required for the duration of the repair.

Properties of a Resource can be set through the Resource Dialog Box.

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