Beginner's Tutorial Runs Every Time

The following section explains how to troubleshoot if the beginner's tutorial is being run every time you launch Simul8.

Every user is taken through Simul8's beginner tutorial the first time you open Simul8 after installation, however after that you shouldn't see the tutorial. If the tutorial is shown every time you open Simul8, please follow the following steps.

Go to C: > ProgramData > Simul8 > CPROGRAMFILESX86Simul8 and look for the file “environment.ini”. You can open it, e.g. by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Open with Notepad'. Look for the line 'RunNumber' and set it's value to a higher value than it is currently and higher than 1. Close and save and the file and next time you open Simul8 the tutorial should not be shown.

You can find the ProgramData file on your machine by typing “%ProgramData%” into your Windows search bar.

Please note, you need Read/Write permissions to this “environment.ini” file.

If this doesn't solve your issue please email us at