SDX Support

EAI’s FactoryCAD adds significant functionality to AutoCAD. FactoryCAD has objects that represent machines, Conveyors etc in the factory represented by the diagram. EAI have pioneered a new standard of file format: Simulation Definition Exchange (SDX) that allows these objects to be exported to simulation software. In addition to importing SDX files, Simul8 also exports SDX files so that simulations created in Simul8 can be exported to other simulation systems that read SDX.

To import objects from FactoryCAD first save the FactoryCAD drawing as an SDX file. Then, in Simul8 select Import SDX from the File tab and choose the *.SDX file.

To see the simulation animated click the RUN button in Simul8.

After the objects are imported Simul8 may add some additional simulation objects. For example FactoryCAD does not have some objects that are important to get a simulation started (like a definition of the rate at that work arrives in a factory).

The FactoryCAD layout is automatically zoomed to use the full space available in the Simul8 simulation window.

Exporting to other simulation systems

Simul8 can export SDX files. This means that your simulation in Simul8 can be converted to other simulation systems.

From the File tab Click Export / SDX and specify a file name.

Note: Other simulation systems that support SDX are note likely to support all the features that Simul8 support, also, the SDX file format does not support all the features that Simul8 supports, therefore some loss of information will occur once the simulation has been imported to another simulation system. Nevertheless this feature does increase the speed that simulations can be converted between simulation packages.

AutoCAD drawings referenced in SDX files are automatically imported and set up as background graphics on the main simulation window.