Small Font Size

If you find that the font size of Simul8 is too small, this may be due to the resolution settings of your computer. To fix your settings:

  • Locate your Simul8 installation directory (by default this is C:Program Files (x86)Simul8), and find and right-click on the S8.EXE file. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Simul8 Desktop shortcut.
  • After right-clicking, select “Properties”
  • Select the Compatibility Tab
  • Check the option for “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”
  • Click Apply and then OK
  • Launch Simul8

High Resolution Fix

Alternatively on some machines, your options will be:

  • Click “Change high DPI settings”
  • Check option for “Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:”
  • Choose “System” from drop-down menu
  • Click OK and then Apply
  • Launch Simul8

Alternative High Resolution Fix

Using A Mac

If you are using a Mac computer, you may need to use the CMD and + keys to change the size of the font after launching Simul8.

If you find that the font size is still too small, then please email