Using Labels

Labels are a way to attach attributes to Work Items in your simulation.

For example you might attach a label “Illness” to Work Item type “Patients” and set this label to a code number as they enter your simulation of a hospital. Each code number would represent a type of illness and could be used to route the patients though the different Activities in the simulation.

Labels can contain either text or numbers.

Tell Activities or Start Points to change the values of labels using the Actions button in an Activity or Start Point.

Labels can be used to:

  • Tell Activities what distributions to use for sampling work times
  • To prioritize Work Items as they enter a Queue
  • To control the image that is used to display the Work Item on the screen and length of the item
  • Control routing out from an Activity

Labels can only be deleted if they are not in use by any Work Item or simulation object.

Access Labels from the Data and Rules tab.

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