Cannot Find Program

This message you have just received is because Simul8 runs along side another program (that was supplied by the person who supplied the Simul8 simulation) and for some reason Simul8 cannot find that program on your computer.

There are many reasons why this might happen but we suggest you try these first. If none of these work then contact the people who supplied the simulation, or Simul8 and we will try to help.

Press the retry button once (Very rarely the problem is caused by a long delay in one program loading into memory, perhaps because your computer is doing many other things at this time).

Press the cancel button (you may have to do this a number of times), exit from all your programs, exit from Windows, restart your computer and try again. (Sometimes any program in windows can be incorrectly holding windows Resources and this stops Simul8 and the other program talking to each other).

Check files have not been moved to new locations on your disk. Perhaps the program that runs with Simul8 is no longer where Simul8 has been told to look for it.

Contact us for more support.