Image Lists

Image Variable Lists help you create exciting animated simulations quickly and easily. They make it easy to change the images used in your simulation based on what is happening during simulation run time.

You store a series of images in a list and assign them numerical values that can be used in global variables. You can have multiple lists that you can assign to any number of variables. Simul8 then uses the lists to change images automatically as the variable value changes during simulation run time.

The Image list can be used in all simulation objects, components, sub-windows and onscreen images. In the example below, the Image List is being used to change the Activity image based on the type of document that is being processed at that point in the simulation run time. Another example of how you could use them is maybe to highlight Activity states (i.e. using a different image for when an Activity is working, stopped, blocked or waiting), or you might want to use a series of images to highlight work in progress levels and therefore convey how the process is coping in terms of service level targets. The list is endless.

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