Components are new simulation objects built to any specification and added to Simul8's standard objects.Components consist of one or more existing objects (either the standards or other Components) that are tailored in some way then saved as a single new object for future use. They can be left open, so you or other users can re-tailor them, or they can be sealed up and password protected so their internal information is safe from adjustment.

Creating a Component

To create a component, define a collection of other objects that work the way required or load a simulation that contains the combination of objects you require. Highlight all of the objects by dragging a box around them. Right-click on the screen and select the option “Create Component Type”.

The new component has been created and the objects that make up the component are wrapped up behind the component image. It can now be copied, moved, linked to other objects etc within the current simulation.

To change the name of the Component, double-click on the object to open its properties box.

To be able to reuse the object in other simulations and to add it to the Simulation Drawing Panel for easy re-use in other simulations, double click on the Component to open its properties box and click the Toolbar tab. Select the option “Save As Reusable Component”.

This saves the Component in Simul8's Object Repository directory. Any objects in this directory automatically appear on Simul8's Component Palette when Simul8 opens.

To customize the dialog that appears when the component is clicked see Custom Dialogs.

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