What Is SQL

Available as part of the Professional edition, SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to query data sources, normally databases such as Microsoft Access, but also including other SQL compatible packages, such as Microsoft Excel.

SIMUL8 adheres to the conventions set out in the SQL99 standards approved by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

SIMUL8 SQL is an extremely powerful way of reading and writing data to and from a data source. SIMUL8 can create new records, and update or delete existing ones.

Using an external data source reduces the memory overhead for SIMUL8, and allows access to huge volumes of “real” data, possibly stored on a separate machine or network drive.

Connecting to a Database

SIMUL8 SQL requires a valid “alias” to exist in the machine running SIMUL8. An Alias is commonly known as a Data Source Name.

New Data Source Names can be created by using the ODBC Data Source Administrator supplied as part of Windows.

Use the Help topics supplied with the ODBC Data Source Administrator for help in creating the appropriate Data Source Name. Once the DSN exists it will appear in the Objects, SQL Database Queries list in SIMUL8. Instruct SIMUL8 to look for the data source by pressing the New button in the SQL Database Queries dialog.

See the Help file Setting Up a Database Input for step by step instructions on how to do this in Windows XP.

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