Collect/Assemble Work Items

This method of “routing” Work Items into an Activity lets you collect a number of Work Items from a number of places.

For example you might want 12 bottles of whiskey and 1 box.

When they have all been collected the Activity will start work. Only one Work Item will be worked on and by default this is the first Work Item in the list of Work Items.

By default an Activity does not start collecting the items it needs until it has all the Resources it needs.

If the Activity is set to simply collect one Work Item from each source and each source is a simple passive object such as a Queue, then the Wait for All option is available.

If you use “collect” routing in with a high volume Activity then each Work Item does not count as 1 as the items are accumulated. Instead SIMUL8 looks at the quantity label on each Work Item an uses its value to determine how many Work Items to bring into the Activity. If necessary a Work Item will be split into two Work Items to leave some “quantity” in the queue and bring some into the Activity.

For additional Collect/Assembly routing-in options click the MORE button in the Routing-In dialog.

Do Not Collect Until All Available

This option tells the Activity not to collect ANY of the required Work Items from their feeding objects until all the required Work Items are available.

This option is only available if all the feeding objects are simple passive objects such as Queues. It is also only available when each feeding object contributes one Work Item only to the collection list.


Matching causes the Activity to collect only items with identical label content (checking the “Matching” check box will allow you to select the label name to use).


Assemble (the default) pulls together all the items collected into a single Work Item. Uncheck this box if you want all the Work Items kept separate.

Label Values of Assembled Work Items can be sourced from either the Work Items with the Highest label value (the default setting) or from the highlighted route.

Label / Sheet

Checking the Label / Sheet option will allow the activity to use SIMUL8 2015's Variable Collect feature. This will allow you to define how many Work Items that will be collected, based on another Work Item's label value.

Once Label / Sheet is collected, a dialog named Label and Sheet for Collect Routing In will appear.

Use the Select label dropdown to choose the label that will be referenced to control the collection of items.

Use the Select sheet dropdown to choose which spreadsheet to use, which will contain a matrix of how many Work Items need to be collected from each incoming queue.

Use the New button at the side of each dropdown to create a new label or sheet if you do not yet have any labels or spreadsheets in your simulation, or you wish to create a new label and sheet to use for Variable Collect.

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