Transport adds features designed to simulate material handling scenarios. Transport features are only available with Simul8 Professional.

Paths, Path Networks, Loaders, Vehicles Classes and Vehicles are the main additional features.

Path networks each consists of a network of paths that Vehicles can travel to collect and deliver Work Items between Loaders. Conveyors provide an additional method of moving work between locations in the simulation.

Concept Summary

Vehicle classes contain one or more Vehicles that can each be at any position on any path in a path network. Vehicles Classes define the capacity, length, width, speed capabilities etc of all the Vehicles in the class.

Loaders move work from/to other Simul8 objects (like Work Centers, Conveyors, Storage Bins etc) into and out of path networks.

Vehicles automatically find their way between Loaders using the available paths (but routes can be preset if required). Vehicles automatically locate the right Loader to move work to (making use of Simul8 labels on work and the Simul8 jobs matrix).

Vehicles can travel empty or loaded with one or more Work Items.

Paths can be width-constrained so that Vehicles cannot pass (or, optionally, can only pass in certain directions, with preset delays).

Vehicles can use Simul8 Resources and so be constrained by resource availability.
Loaders work at a defined speed and can be constrained to load work only when certain conditions apply.

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