This lets you quickly try alternative numbers of Activities that perform the same tasks.

Note that using this facility prevents access to many other Activity facilities (e.g. break downs and utilization results information).

It is a fast way to assess required capacity in an organization. In most cases you should simply copy Activities directly on the screen or use the Groups facility to represent multiple copies of the same Activity.

To use Replicate, click the REPLICATE button in the Activity dialog or in the Additional tab on the Ribbon. If this button is grayed out then it is not available (because you are already using one of the facilities at this Activity that cannot be validly simulated by using replicate).

Replicate Dialog Replicate Ribbon

Auto Adjust Replicate Levels

If your Activity uses Resources then your Activity's capacity will effectively be the maximum number of Resources available. To have the maximum number of Resources available automatically increase to the replicate level of your Activity, check the Auto Adjust Replicate Levels box in the Additional tab on the Resource Ribbon.

Auto Adjust Replicate

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