Switching off Results Collection

Results collection is automatically on for all aspects of your simulation. This means that at the end of a simulation run you can look up any object and see how it has performed.

However in large simulations that need to be run for a long time there may be occasions when you decide to disable results collection for some objects. Dummy Activities rarely have any purpose for results. Sometimes there are other simulation objects where results collection is not needed.

Results collection stores in memory, information for everything that happens to every Work Item and every simulation object (so that your results inquiries can be answered). Simul8 asks Windows to provide as much memory as it needs. However Windows memory handling become very slow once a single package is itself requesting more memory than physically exists in the PC.

If you find that during a long run your simulation slows progressively try switching off results collection for some of the simulation objects.

Use Results All dialog and highlight the objects that you want to switch off (or on) results collection for and then check or uncheck the “Collect Results” check box. You can highlight one or many objects at the same time using CTRL or SHIFT keys (normal windows conventions are used).

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