Importing BPMN

You can import your BPMN diagrams into Simul8 giving you the power and insight of simulation to help understand the best way to improve your process.

Importing BPMN diagrams into Simul8 is easy:

  • Export your BPMN diagram from your current BPMN tool into a BPMN xml file format
  • In Simul8, go to the File Menu and select the New tab
  • Click Import from BPMN
  • Select the BPMN file you want to import
  • Simul8 will then convert your BPMN diagram into a simulation.

Now you can start using the analytical tools inside of Simul8 to get vital insights into how your process will perform in the real world.

Note Simul8 is BPMN 2.0 compliant.

See Also

BPMN simulation features are only available in Simul8 2012 and higher.