Shift Dependent Activities

The Activity Shifts button on Activity Properties dialog allows Activities to be allocated to shifts. This is useful in cases where the Activity being represented is limited in terms of available operating hours.

To add allocate a Activity to a shift, click the SHIFT button on the Activity Properties Dialog and check the option “Use Shift Patterns Directly”. Click the ALLOCATION button and set the allocation number for each shift in the list (a value of 1 means the Activity is available on the shift, and a value of 0 means the Activity is unavailable).


  • The decision about not proceeding with the work until next working shift will be made after all loading and calculations have been done. This includes “After Loading Visual Logic”.
  • Use of Resource Pools is not allowed in these Activities.
  • If it is unable to start work, the Activity and Work Item are locked but any Resources grabbed to start the work are released. The Resources will need to be re-obtained before the Activity can work at the start of the next shift (this obeys the current rules on Resources and shift end/starts)
  • Replicate function at the Activity will not be available.
  • In reporting statistics for this Activity, Simul8 will count this “locked” time as “off-shift”
  • More complex Visual Logic (e.g. if the user does not want to lock the Work Item or Activity) can still be handled in the current way by controlling what comes into the Activity by using “Before Loading Visual Logic”, Block Current Routing, and Move To Queue.

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