Navigating Visual Logic

There are a number of features to make the navigation through Visual Logic sections easier.

Tabs Firstly, each time a Visual Logic section is opened, a tab is created along the bottom of the Visual Logic editor window. The user can select the tabs to jump to that piece of logic (provided they are not in a new section of code, in that case the logic must be closed to save it as a tab).

Tab Shortcuts There are shortcuts for navigating through the tabs - Ctrl+B moves back to the previous Visual Logic section, and Ctrl+H moves forward. The tabs can also be cleared by selecting the “Clear Tabs” option from the right click menu (right click on the tabs).

Drop Down Menus In Simul8 Professional, blocks of Visual Logic can be accessed via 2 drop-down lists at the top of the Visual Logic Editor. The leftmost drop down list categorizes the Visual Logic blocks by object and the drop-down to the right lists all the available Visual Logic procedures available within the selected category: items in bold refer to blocks that contain Visual Logic.

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