Over 20 Years of Simulation Success

For over 20 years we've been creating simulation software. From Ford, to Johns Hopkins, to NASA, organizations across the world rely on our technology.

20 years of SIMUL8

Our Customers

Our customers include a wide range of business, government, and educational bodies. In fact, any organization that handles flows of orders, people, transactions, or products can benefit from using simulation software.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1994, our key strength lies in the specialist knowledge and extensive experience of our people. With up to 20 years in the industry, each of our team has an operations research qualification to degree or Masters standard, as well as a wealth of experience putting the theory into practice.

Software for Everyone

At SIMUL8, our goal is to make the benefits of simulation supported decision making accessible to all decision makers and process owners. To achieve this we have developed high-quality software that is easy to use and affordable - without compromising on functionality.

Our team is on a mission to put simulation at the heart of every decision. They are passionate, dedicated to making SIMUL8 Corporation a great place to work, and they love working with customers.

SIMUL8 at the heart of every decision
Mark Elder

Mark Elder


When I founded SIMUL8 Corporation simulation projects were nearly always completed by consultants. The software at the time was too hard and too expensive for 'normal' people to use. I wanted to transform that and make simulation accessible to anyone. I wanted every decision maker to be able to benefit from simulation.

Laura Reid


SIMUL8 Corporation is unique not just because of our specialist software but because of our people. Our culture demands the best from everyone and returns autonomy, flexibility, respect and real job satisfaction. We work just as hard to maintain our culture as we do our software. Every employee is valued and every employee is top caliber. It's our people and culture that lets us maintain our position as the world leading business improvement simulation software.

Laura Reid

Frances Sneddon

Frances Sneddon


Our simulation technology is unrivaled. We could be like many companies of our age just sit back but we don't want to! We continue to innovate and challenge the simulation industry to step change. For example we're still the only simulation tool that is able to run on the web download free. We're constantly interacting with our users to improve and make our software even easier to use. Creating great software our customers love, that's the sole objective of our product teams.

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