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Making the decision-making power of simulation accessible to everyone for 25 years

Organizations of every size, across every industry, rely on our intuitive software and talented people to deliver process excellence and drive successful change.

Leading software driven by simulation experience and customer collaboration

We were founded 25 years ago, but the journey to develop the industry's most intuitive and accessible simulation software started long before then. Back then, simulation was a non-visual tool, hidden away in the back rooms of manufacturing plants, and used exclusively by consultants.

Seeing the vast potential for simulation to engage people from across organizations in process improvement and transform decision-making, SIMUL8 Corporation Founder Mark Elder set out to create an accessible, visual simulation software tool that anyone could use.

Launched in 1994, SIMUL8 was quickly embraced by organizations across a wider range of industries beyond manufacturing - from healthcare, to call centers and even government bodies.

Because we haven’t stood still, many of our first users are still making faster, informed decisions with SIMUL8 to this day. We continue to lead the way in simulation technology through close collaboration with our customers to enhance our software and services.

We know that this feedback from our users is what will enable us to succeed in our mission to make the benefits of simulation accessible to everyone.

Mark Elder

"We built a wooden board game simulation, using dice to generate variability and counters to represent cars in the factory. We took this to show the plant director to explain how simulation worked, so that future projects would be better understood.

They didn’t need to listen to all our assumptions and caveats because there was no need for the presentation – they knew the answers from the simulation.”

Mark Elder, Founder, SIMUL8 Corporation

Everything we do is focused on delivering results

Intuitive, user-driven software

We pride ourselves on developing innovative, valuable and accessible software. SIMUL8’s features are driven by input from our users to ensure they aren’t spending all their time building simulations, but getting to the results they need to make faster, informed decisions.

This combination of practical features, ease of use and fast insight makes our software the go-to solution for new users and experts alike.

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Supported by our dedicated team

We’re more than just software, we provide dedicated support and expertise to help our users quickly get the most from simulation. Our approach is always upbeat, personal, and friendly. Just like our software, our team aim to delight our users and go further than expected.

Your success is our team’s success. Everything we do revolves around enabling our users drive change with simulation, day in, day out.

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To ensure the success of our users

Above all, we’re most proud of what our users have achieved using the power of simulation. They are passionate about helping their organizations realize their full potential and continually push the boundaries to uncover better, more effective solutions.

From improving manufacturing efficiency to saving lives in healthcare, we continue to be amazed by our customers' results using SIMUL8.

Our customer's achievements

Used by the world's most successful organizations

We are committed to the success of our users. We always seek to understand their unique challenges and goals so we can enable them to achieve their maximum potential at record speed.

Our users span a wide range of leading business, government, and educational bodies across many different industries.



What do SIMUL8 users say?

We regularly ask for customer feedback to ensure we’re always improving our software and services. Take a look at some of the responses we received from our latest customer survey.

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SIMUL8 team

Our team

Our people are what makes SIMUL8 Corporation stand out in our industry. Everyone in our team plays a key role in ensuring the success of our customers.

We continue to build a team where everyone can make a difference and we work hard to make SIMUL8 Corporation a place where our people can thrive.

Careers at SIMUL8

Our executive team

Laura Reid

Laura Reid


SIMUL8 Corporation is unique not just because of our intuitive software but because of our people. Our culture demands the best from everyone and returns autonomy, flexibility, respect and real job satisfaction. We work just as hard to maintain our culture as we do our software. It's our people and culture that lets us maintain our position as the world leading business improvement simulation software.

Frances Sneddon

Frances Sneddon


Our simulation technology is unrivaled. We could be like many companies of our age just sit back but we don't want to! We continue to innovate and challenge the simulation industry to step change. For example, we're the only simulation tool with the ability to build, run and share simulations on the web with no downloads or installation required. We're constantly interacting with our users to improve and make our software even easier to use.

Our offices

Corporate Headquarters - Boston

225 Franklin Street
26th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Tel: 703 579 4073 | 800 547 6024

Fax: 800 547 6389


Cochrane House
29 Cochrane Street
Glasgow, G1 1HL, UK

Tel: +44 870 850 8886  |  +44 141 552 6888

Fax: +44 141 553 2331

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