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For over 25 years, organizations of every size, across every industry, have driven successful change with fast, inuitive and effective simulation software.

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We were founded 25 years ago, but the journey to develop the industry's most intuitive and accessible simulation software started long before then. Back then, simulation was a non-visual tool, hidden away in the back rooms of manufacturing plants, and used exclusively by consultants.

Seeing the vast potential for simulation to engage people from across organizations in process improvement and transform decision-making, SIMUL8 Corporation Founder Mark Elder set out to create an accessible, visual simulation software tool that anyone could use.

Launched in 1994, SIMUL8 was quickly embraced by organizations across a wider range of industries beyond manufacturing - from healthcare, to call centers and even government bodies.

Because we haven’t stood still, many of our first users are still making faster, informed decisions with SIMUL8 to this day. We continue to lead the way in simulation technology through close collaboration with our customers to enhance our software and services.

We know that this feedback from our users is what will enable us to succeed in our mission to make the benefits of simulation accessible to everyone.


"We built a wooden board game simulation, using dice to generate variability and counters to represent cars in the factory. We took this to show the plant director to explain how simulation worked, so that future projects would be better understood.

They didn’t need to listen to all our assumptions and caveats because there was no need for the presentation – they knew the answers from the simulation.”

Mark Elder, Founder, Simul8 Corporation

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