SIMUL8 2018

Latest Changes

We've added some fantastic features over the past few releases including run speed improvements, increased accuracy of results, and customized outputs.

Check out the top features from the last 4 releases below and see what you're missing on our website at: Features To Upgrade For

We hope you'll find everything you need here or at But if you need any help or have ideas for improving SIMUL8 please don't hesitate to get in touch. We love talking to our users.

What's New in SIMUL8 2018?

  • Route Out By Sequence - A quick and easy way to set the order that work items will leave an activity by defining a repeating sequence.
  • Arrival Planner - Extends the Day Planner feature in SIMUL8 to include weekly and monthly arrivals.
  • Central Label Editor - A single-window interface that provides an intuitive and fast way for setting up and tracking Labels.
  • Quick Build - Automatically create an entire simulation based on parameter data in spreadsheets.