KPI Summary

The KPI Summary shows a collection of results information that you want to be able to conveniently see together (perhaps at the end of each simulation run you perform).

Access this through the Results Manager button on the Home tab.

The information in the KPI summary window is updated at the end of each simulation run and also at the end of each simulation trial.

At the end of run you get a single number, either as an average, or as a limit value - for example when the result is something like a “maximum” size of a queue. The result is the relevant value that was found over the length of the simulation run. For example, if the simulation runs for one week, and you look at a result like “average time in queue” then the result figure is the average of all the individual times that Work Items spent in the queue.

At the end of trial you get a confidence interval range with your result. A confidence interval tells you that your results on average will be X but if it's not X then Simul8 is 95% confident that the values will be between Z and Y. So the smaller the gap between Z and Y, the less variability there is in your results and the more confident you can be that the value you will see in the real world will be close to the average.

After running a trial, you will also be presented with a Risk column, which will generate a MORE Plot for each of your KPIs.

Data on the KPI Summary can be copied using the Copy button and pasted into a package such as Excel or a database. Also the Results Export function can export the data in the KPI Summary to a compatible package.

Results from previous runs and trials can be viewed together using the Compare button.

Before printing the preview function allows you to check that the KPI Summary will print in the manner you require.

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