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Empowering 25 years of customer success with simulation

From saving millions in manufacturing costs, to transforming lives by improving healthcare delivery, we're proud of the success our users have achieved with SIMUL8.


Meeting increased demand without additional costs

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler met increased demand and grew revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant, without increasing costs.

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Memorial Health System

Ensuring the feasibility of investment and expansion

Memorial Health System ensured the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project by using simulation to optimize capacity, system design, and patient flow.

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Optimizing staffing to reduce customer wait times

Virginia DMV identified a more efficient staffing model, capable of reducing average customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across all 74 customer service centers.

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Louisiana Department of Health

Improving emergency evacuation planning

Louisiana Department of Health accurately simulated post-storm patient air evacuations to hospitals in neighboring states, improving planning and saving 80 hours of work over a spreadsheet-based approach.

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FUJIFILM analyzed the return on investment of large-scale process changes and equipment that will enable output to be increased by 400% within five years.

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FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies increased manufacturing throughput by 50%, removed bottlenecks and forecasted 5 year production to meet demand.

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Geisinger Health System improved patient satisfaction by planning and implementing an on-demand, in-room meal delivery system using simulation.

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Vidant Health

Vidant Duplin Hospital identifies an approach to maintain left without treatment (LWOT) rates in the face of increasing ED patient volumes.

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Plexus guaranteed production capacity, identified optimum staffing levels, and saved $5,000 in equipment costs in just a few days.

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Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport shortened the check-in process, reduced queue times and improved airline efficiency, without increasing investment.

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Developing smarter maintenance rules, GM increased manufacturing throughput by 5% and met an increase in demand.

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Shout It Now

South African charity Shout It Now's ground-breaking efforts improved HIV screening and treatment to save millions of lives.

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HP saved $100,000 annually and achieved productivity gains by determining the most effective set-up for their process.

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SIMUL8 was used to develop an integrative approach to optimize the manufacturing process design for NASA's Ares 1 launch vehicle.

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Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific tested a range of process improvement scenarios to make production efficiency savings of $150,000.

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RSI developed a tool to assess the public health system’s response in the event of a terrorist attack on the US food supply chain.

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Logistics organization CHEP validated that investment in automated machinery would quickly provide a return to shareholders.

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ABF Freight

Motor carrier ABF Freight discovered the most efficient and economical approach for optimizing its dock operations.

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Denver Police Department

Denver Police Department identified whether investment in additional equipment or staffing would improve lab turnaround times.

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Applied Research Services

Applied Research Services Inc identifies the impact of prison policy and budgetary changes and saves $250 million of taxpayer money.

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Indesit Company ensured the successful deployment of a new conveyor system by testing a range of control rules to identify the best solution.

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Kelly Services

Kelly Services evaluated ways to optimize business processes across the company's 1,400 branch and corporate offices.

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