SIMUL8 Simulation Software Case Studies

SIMUL8 is the perfect tool for making informed, risk free decisions.

Learn how our users from around the globe and across a diverse range of sectors have improved their processes using SIMUL8's powerful simulation software.

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler increased revenue by $1,000,000 a day at its Brampton plant without increasing costs and coped with increased demand for their new 2015 models.

To meet increased demand FMC Technologies developed simulations to increase output across their product range, understand bottlenecks and forecast future productions.

Using SIMUL8 Memorial Health System ensured the feasibility of a $31 million OR expansion project by determining the appropriate facilities layout for its new OR expansion project to optimize the flow of patients.

Global manufacturer Plexus achieves results in just a few days using SIMUL8; guaranteeing production capacity, identifying optimum staffing, and saving more than $5,000 in equipment costs.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles utilized SIMUL8 to identify a more efficient staffing model, capable of reducing average customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across all 74 customer services centres.

The National Center for Food Protection and Defense has used SIMUL8 as a Risk Management tool to simulate the public health system's response in the event of a terrorist attack on the US food supply chain.

SIMUL8 is supporting South African charity, Shout It Now, to improve HIV screening and treatment in an effort to save millions of lives.

Using SIMUL8 London Gatwick Airport has improved the check-in process, queue times and airline efficiency without increased investment.

By developing smarter maintenance rules GM increased throughput by 5% to meet an increase in demand, without increasing costs.

Challenged with identifying areas of inefficiency in their cardiac battery manufacturing line, Boston Scientific used SIMUL8 to improve efficiency resulting in savings of $150,000.

Developing an integrative and interactive approach to optimize the manufacturing process design for the Ares 1 launch vehicle.

The NZIR needed to be able to plan staffing on a national rather than regional level. With SIMUL8 they were able to create an operational tool that lets senior management efficiently plan more than 2,000 staff.

Mount Sinai Hospital makes case for improving Maternity Services for uninsured women with SIMUL8. Using simulation, Mount Sinai Hospital were able to determine the number of beds they would need to plan for in order to ensure availability when patients needed them.

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler avoided $250,000 of capital investment by proving that the current system was able to cope with demand.

Simulating prison populations has provided greater predictability in knowing the short and long-term impact of policy and budgetary decisions.

Using SIMUL8, Maasstad Hospital had the knowledge to implement the most effective method of performing BVO Colon screenings and by implementing small changes in planning, the hospital was able to optimize their current capacity.

Indesit Company used SIMUL8 to ensure the successful deployment of a new PLC conveyor system. The simulation gave a risk-free environment in which to test a wide range of control rules and find the best solution.

HP saved $100,000 annually and achieved productivity gains by simulating their production lines to determine the most effective set-up for their process.

Nibco fine-tuned their project and implemented their new strategy sooner and with fewer problems using SIMUL8. This led to them being able to reduce inventory by 40% and cut systems costs by 12%.

The UK National Audit Office saved $3million using simulation to reduce costs and improve debt recovery.

The Throughput and Simulation team at Chrysler is on target to save $5 million using a Line Speed Reduction tool created using SIMUL8.

Geisinger Health System release 8% of nursing time back to direct patient care by developing a new model for logistics inside the hospital.

Increased security at the tunnel caused a dramatic increase in traffic congestion. SIMUL8 was used to investigate the changes required to alleviate this.

Using simulation Chep validated that their new automated line design was "right" and the investment in machinery and equipment would provide return. Simulation uncovered several design flaws that would have meant costly redesign.

The Mexican Foundation for Health (FUNSALUD) used SIMUL8 to understand the financial impact of childhood obesity and have highlighted where investment is required in services to cope with future demand.

Wyeth used SIMUL8 for two different projects, both taking less than a month from start to finish and saved in excess of $1m.

SIMUL8 provided the NHS24 Contact Center management team with a solution that gave them the ability to identify and manage potential periods that could result in future under performance.

SIMUL8 showed Mueller that lack of capacity was costing them $7 million. They proved their plant's current configuration didn't have the capacity to process the amount of scrap originally planned for.

ABF's Industrial Engineers were tasked with improving performance in their materials handling operation by optimizing dock operations to manage completion times.

Due to check-in area size constraints and for passenger convenience BAA needed a more efficient way to check-in travelers and decrease walking space requirements at the same time.SIMUL8 ensured that no passenger waited in line for more than 12 minutes.

A major retail organization in the United States consisting of convenience and petroleum stores saves $500,000 annually with simulation.

SIMUL8 was used to help with the consideration of logistics for moving blades from a production facility with a relatively small storage area, located on an island a few miles offshore to an on-shore storage facility.

SIMUL8 was used to develop and plan border inspection facilities at eight international Ports of Entry on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Johns Hopkins Hospital used SIMUL8 to improve process efficiency to keep pace with the increasing demand for transplant care.

SIMUL8 was used to plan for the provision of emergency fire fighting in Norfolk during during a proposed strike action. In addition to aiding the achievement of arrival time targets the simulation also contributed towards saving lives.

SIMUL8 enabled Cheshire Police Force to predict the benefits of demand management decisions. It has been a key tool in designing their operational policing model and providing analytical confidence to drive change.

Kelly Services used SIMUL8 evaluate ways to optimize business processes in the company's 1,400 branch and corporate offices. This increased admin completion from 20% to 80%.

A strategic 25 year simulation was created to predict future demand for instructors and students and inform current procurement.

SIMUL8 was used to analyze the performance of the existing bus station and support the planning and design of a new bus station, resulting in cost savings of approximately $2.6m for the Council.

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