Detailed Efficiency

The Efficiency dialog allows access to Simul8's advanced Breakdown and Repair time features. Press the More button to see the full set.

Time between Breakdowns and Time to Repair are dealt with in the Detail and Auto Efficiency section.

To create a new Breakdown type press the New button and type a name for the Breakdown. Next set the Time between Failure and Time to Repair for the breakdown.

Press New to create a second Breakdown type. This second Breakdown type allows a different Time Between Breakdowns and Time to Repair to be set.

The purpose of this structure is to allow different types of Breakdown to affect each machine. In the above example there is a Breakdown event used for scheduled repairs to the machine a different Breakdown event for random breakdowns.

It can also be used to Simul8 the reliability of a number of components within the machine, each with their own breakdown characteristics.

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