Insert Tab

Background Image
Add an image as a background.
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Draw a shape onscreen. Click left on the main simulation window and hold down left mouse button until the shape is the size required.

Import an AutoCAD drawing to use as a background image for your simulation.
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Image List
Add an image to the simulation window that changes whenever the global data item value you attach to it changes.
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Layered displays allow simulation objects to be assigned to different layers on the screen.
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Text Box
Write text on the simulation window.
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Add dynamic text pop up boxes displayed while your simulation runs.

Display dynamic run time charts of any data you wish.
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Display a dynamic table of your data on the simulation.
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Visual Data
Display a text or number global data item onscreen that will update as your simulation runs.
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Data Bar
Data Bars allow you to represent the value of a simulation variable on screen. These give an animated display of how a variable’s value is changing over simulation run time.

Sliders let you update the value of bar by sliding a bar up and down, you can even change the variable value at run time.
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Drop a button onscreen and attach an action to create a custom interface for your simulation.
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Simulation Properties
Add a title and introduction dialog to your simulation.
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Add custom dialogs to display information, change inputs and display custom results.
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Command Menus
Add your own menus to the home tab to give access to your custom dialogs.
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