Results are available for every Object in your simulation. This means that every Start, Queue, Activity, End and Resource will have its own set of results. These can be placed in a Results Manager for easier analysis / presentation purposes.

Click on one of your objects, and select the Results icon on the toolbar. This will give you a different Results dialog depending on which sort of object you have selected.

For example, Queue Results will detail the length of time work items spent queuing, and also the number of work items in that queue.

Try selecting different objects in your simulation, and explore what results are available for each.

All of these results can be added to the Results Manager. Hover over the result you want to add, and right click when a larger black arrow appears. This adds your result to the manager; if you want to remove a result, simply right click again to toggle the requirement off.


Results of one run of a simulation can be misleading. Because they are based on random number streams, they may be artificially ‘good’ or ‘bad’. To gain a more realistic representation, a number of concurrent runs can be performed; this is called ‘Running a Trial’, and different random number streams are used each time.

Run a Trial using the Trials option on the Home Tab. The Results Manager automatically produces upper and lower 95% Confidence Intervals. This can be interpreted as – on 95 occasions out of 100 result between the upper and lower 95% range figures is predicted.

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