Write Protecting the S8 Directory

For network installations only, you are advised to write-protect the files in the Simul8 (S8) and Simul8 EXAMPLES (S8\EXAMPLES) directories. This enables all uses to access copies of examples (and other files) that will not have been accidentally changed by other users.

If the directory containing the EXE and DLL files for Simul8 is write protected when users are running Simul8 then you should ensure the INI file (S8.INI in the same directory as S8.EXE):

DOES NOT contain any lines that start FILE?=

(These will be added if you should run Simul8 while the directory is NOT write protected)

DOES CONTAIN a line (in the [STARTUP] section): RunNumber=20

DOES CONTAIN a line (in the [STARTUP] section): TEMPDIR=directory name

Where “directory name” is the name of a directory where Simul8 can create, write to, and erase files but that is a different directory for each network user. More»