Segregate Results

For some results information you can requested that results collection is segregated. Click the Segregate results check box in the dialog box for a Queue or End Point and you will be asked to select a label whose value will be used to categorize the results.

If, for example, you have attached to your Work Items a label called illness that has a number of different values depending on what is to happen to a patient in a hospital you might want to choose this label to segregate results so that you can see how long patients of different categories spend in the hospital.

When you look at the individual results dialogs at the end of a simulation run you will see a combo box that lets you select ALL (for results across all categories) or select a value (each label value that has occurred will appear here). If you select a category then the results in that part of the dialog box apply to that category only.

You can add categorized results to the KPI Summary.

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