Timing Orientation

The Timing Orientation of an Activity offers a choice of timing options.

The Timing Orientation button is located in the Activity Properties option highlighted in red box below.

There are 4 options:

Uses the timing information in the Activity dialog to control the Activity operation time. More information on standard Activity Timing

The Activity operation time will be set to 0. This causes the Activity to hold the work for no time and to immediately route it out to its destination. The Activity will not accept new Work Item for a period of time, controlled by the timing information set in the Activity dialog. If the time is set to 10, then the Activity will process item 1 for 0 minutes and then wait for 10 minutes before pulling item 2 from the store.

Use Jobs Matrix
The Activity will look up timing information based on the Job Matrix and the value of the Job and Work Type labels.

Use Cycle Matrix
The Activity will look up the Cycle Matrix to control it's State and timing.

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