Pooled Resources

A Pooled Resource is one that does not really exist but instead is a combination of other resources.

If task A can be performed by people A and task B can be performed by people B and task C can be performed by either A or B people then create a Pooled Resource called C and used the Pooled check box in the Resource dialog and button to set that either A or B can be used whenever an Activity is seeking Resource type C.

When an Activity needs a particular Resource (specified by clicking the RESOURCES button in the Activity dialog) and that Resource is a Pool Resource, SIMUL8 will look at the Resources inside that pool and try to find one of the Resources that contribute to that pool.

Pool Members and Behavior

SIMUL8 will look in the sequence that the Resources are displayed in the MEMBERS dialog (reached from the Resource dialog when you have checked the “Pool Resource” check box).


Using List Sequence, Pool Resources will be pulled from the member listed first in the list using a Priority rule. Alternatively, Circulate pulls from each Resource in turn.

Use Longest Available to pull the resource that has been without work for the longest period of time. For example, this may be used in a contact center scenario where calls are allocated to a Pool of Resources, and the call may be routed to an employee who has been waiting the longest for a call to handle.

Pool Resources cannot be released as different types of Resource.


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