BPMN Gateway

At it's simplest level a Gateway is a decision point. It controls whether work will pass down one route or another.

Depending on the type you select, will effect the logic the Gateway uses. See the BPMN schema for a full definition of Gateway types.

To create a Gateway click the Gateway button on Drawing Simulation Objects Panel and then click were you want the Gateway on the simulation window. Connect it to other objects using routing arrows.

To move a Gateway: drag it on the simulation window. To copy a Gateway: drag it with the CTRL key on the keyboard held down.

Gateway Properties

To inspect or change the Gateway's parameters select it and it's contextual ribbon tab will open. Alternatively double click on the Gateway on the simulation window, this will open the Gateway Dialog box.

  • Type - The BPMN sub type for this object
  • Memo - Add some extra notes about the activity
  • Finance - Add costing information to be able to calculate cost impact of your process
  • Results - After the simulation run, see how your activity performed

See Also

BPMN simulation features are only available in Simul8 2012 and higher.