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Simul8 training classes

Delivered online or in person, our instructor-led training classes will quickly level-up your Simul8 skills so you can rapidly transform decision-making using the power of simulation.

Simul8 instructor-led training options

Whether you're just getting started with Simul8, or you're a long-term user looking for specialized training to advance your Simul8 skills, we've got you covered.

Simul8 introductory training

Our instructor-led introductory training classes will teach the fundamentals of Simul8 regardless of your industry. Delivered by our own in-house Simul8 experts, you'll get the value of their vast experience in delivering Simul8 projects and helping Simul8 customers all around the world deliver huge value to their organizations.

Simul8 advanced training

We have developed a series of short advanced training courses to accelerate your Simul8 expertise. From in-depth feature workshops to integrating Simul8 with your tech stack and engaging your stakeholders, these short courses can be delivered as one-off or they can be embedded into a customized training program.

Customized training for your team

Sometimes one size really doesn't fit all. We understand the unique challenges our customers face and we'd love to work with you create a bespoke training program that meets your needs.

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Benefits of Simul8 training classes

If you're new to simulation or Simul8, training classes are a great way to quickly advance your skills.


Learn to Simul8 - fast

Learn the fundamental concepts, features and techniques of Simul8 in a few days. No lectures, it’s all delivered through practical, hands-on learning.


Taught by our own simulation experts

All classes are led by our own in-house consultants. With their vast experience of working on complex customer projects and training thousands of Simul8 customers, they’ll not only show you how to get the most from Simul8, but give tips for maximizing your simulation projects.


Have your questions answered

Every session is highly interactive. We keep class sizes small to ensure you get individual attention from our experts.

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We’ll always go above and beyond to deliver unparalleled levels of support and expertise to you. If there’s anything you need, reach out to the team.

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