Start Up

Some times you may not want your simulation to start its run completely empty of Work Items. In this case you may place Work Items into Queues.

Click START-UP in the Queue's dialog. You can specify what type of Work Items this Queue is to be initialized with and how many of the Work Items should be placed here.

Sometimes the particular logic of your simulation simulation will mean that you do not want these Queues to be part of your normal running simulation. In this case you can make them invisible (set the invisible check box in the storage graphics dialog).

If you need to set up labels of the Work Items that are initially in your simulation when it starts to run click the Actions button in the startup dialog. These actions will be used to set the value of the labels (or any other variable or expression) as the Work Items are placed in the Queue (while the simulation is being reset).

Start Up quantities can be omitted from reported statistics on the Results tab in Preferences by checking the Ignore Start Up Contents check box.