Views are ways of saving a set of non-default ways of setting up the visual display of a simulation. They automate the process of manipulating the screen to show certain aspects of your simulation.

Views can be set up and saved, meaning that Sub-Process can be opened in certain views and closed in others, the zoom can be altered, and the scroll bars moved as you move from view to view.

Manipulate the screen to the view that you require and select the Save As option from the save button drop down menu in the Custom Views group on the the View tab. Assign the View a meaningful name.

The View is now saved and can be accessed by selecting the View button or by using the CTRL and view number shortcut.

In version 28, Build 4026, a new checkbox has been added called ”Zoom Relative to Window size”. When ticked, this changes the zoom of the View relative to your screen size.

Simul8 Zoom Relative to Window Size

Views can also be changed during the run. Use the shortcut keys (CTRL + view number) to change the view while the simulation is running.

Views can be amended or changed by selecting a view and manipulating the screen as desired then clicking the save button again.

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