Simul8 COM

Simul8's API (OLE Automation/COM/ActiveX interface).

This is a standard Windows COM interface that allows any application that can use COM to drive Simul8 without user intervention.

There are two different levels of COM functionality available with Simul8:

1. Simul8 Basic Edition

A COM interface that allows basic operation of Simul8 including opening and running simulations, running trials, extracting results etc. Both .S8 and .XML simulation files are supported.

2. Simul8 Professional Edition COM Interface

All of 1 plus the functionality to change simulation programmatically (for example by creating and linking simulation objects in the same way as can be done from Simul8's own internal Visual Logic).

(Note that Simul8 also supports an older style DDE/DLL interface that continues to work for back compatibility with old implementations).

How to use Simul8 COM

VBA and Simul8 COM and Python and Simul8 COM are step by step guides to using Simul8's COM interface. These detail instructions on driving Simul8 through VBA and Python. No recommendation should be implied from its use here, and Simul8 Corporation's Support team is not available to handle Visual Basic or Python questions! - but through these basic examples, we'll help you establish the connection between Python/VBA and SIMUL8. Also, we will help you with the use of Simul8 COM Interface in conjunction with various languages if requested.

Please note that a document that details all commands that drive actions in SIMUL8 is available at SIMUL8's installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMUL8\COMwithSIMUL8.pdf). These apply to all COM languages.

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