Export to Template

This can be found Results Export menu on the Home tab.

The feature allows a selection of key results to be exported from Simul8 to a template in Microsoft Word, Excel or Power Point and can export spreadsheet ranges as tables.

To select the template you wish to export to, simply click the Add button underneath the Template section and navigate to the Template file you wish to use. You can then select whether you wish to export results after a single run or a trial through the checkboxes on the dialog.

Similarly, to select the results you wish to export, click the Add button underneath the Mappings section and then define what type of result it is. You may choose between an Expression, Result or Range from Sheet and each of these give you a series of options to navigate to the Simul8 result you require.

Remember, before your results are exported you have to ensure the Template file is set up accept the Field names you have set in the Mappings section of this dialog. For example, when you add your first Map Property, it is named S81 by default. Simul8 needs to know where this is to be placed in your Template File so you need to include this template name in your document in the desired location using the following notation:


Simul8 will then replace this with the result as the export is conducted.

You may also select a previously set up Template file or Mapping from each of the two sections in this dialog and use the Remove button to stop previously set up results being exported or you can click the Edit button in the Mappings section to change the settings for this option.