Simul8 Asks You to Activate Every Time You Launch

The following section explains you how to troubleshoot if you are asked to activate Simul8 every time you open the software.

After having installed Simul8, some users might be asked to activate each time they open it. This is usually because of your permission settings. The activation information in Simul8 is stored in a configuration file located in your Program Data folder. If you don't have sufficient permissions to write to this file, Simul8 can think it's not activated and hence prompts you for activation every time you open it.

To find the folder location you need access to, type “%ProgramData%” into the Windows search box. On Windows 10 and 7, it will take you to “C:\ProgramData”. You should then see a Simul8 folder, and in that, separate folders for each installation (such as CPROGRAMFILESSimul8). In each folder is a file called environment.ini, which is the configuration file you must be able to write to.

Allowing write permissions to these folder locations and the environment.ini file will allow activation to work as expected. After changing the permissions, you will have to activate Simul8 again, but you should not be prompted after that.

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