Work Item Images

To change the image used to display a Work Item from the red ball to any other image use the WORK ITEM TYPES button on the Advanced tab. This only changes the default image for the particular Work Item type.

The image used to display any individual Work Item can be changed as the simulation runs by Activities.

There are two ways to do this. The simplest is to click the change Work Item image button in the Activity GRAPHICS dialog. However labels can also control the way images are displayed. This gives a good deal more power in controlling the image on the screen.

Using Labels to Change Work Item Images

The special label 'image:' allows you to change the image of a Work Item.

  1. Create a series of images called the same name but with a different number at the end, e.g. plane1, plane2, plane3
  2. Create a number label called 'image: plane'.
  3. Use Label Actions in an Activity, Start Point or Visual Logic to change the value of the label.

When this label's value is set to 1 the Work Item's image will be changed to 'plane1', when this label's value is set to 2 the Work Item's image will be changed to 'plane2', etc.

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