Can't Find Excel

When using Excel Connections or the Get from EXCEL / Set in EXCEL Visual Logic commands for importing or exporting data to EXCEL, you might come across the following messages:

Simul8 Excel Comm type 1

Simul8 Excel Comm type 2

To resolve such issues:

  • Make sure the Excel file's and Sheet name on the Excel connection or the Simul8 command are written exactly as written on the Excel file you are using.
  • Avoid using punctuation signs and spaces for the Excel file's or the Sheet's name
  • Make sure you save the Excel file, and you are not in the middle of editing something in Excel (e.g. a cell value or a macro).

If you are using Excel Connections, and this issue persists after following the last 2 tips, check “Clear Excel Number Formatting” under the Advanced tab of Excel Connections.